How It Works

Everybody with passion and creativity for sport can create or support sports projects, here, at AGON – we help you at every step from idea to action.

Submitting A Project

Have an idea for a great
Sports Project

Show your ideas by filling out
the Submit Your Project Form
and send it to Agon


Agon will review the Project and respond in few days if the Project corresponds the criteria (Terms)

When and if the Project
is accepted, it is launched

During the Project campaign, Project Owners can receive Contributions and respond to Comments

After the deadline, Agon will contact Project Owners to discuss the Project and transfer methods

After that, it is all up to you…
to make it happen!


Contributing To A Project

All Contributions are made voluntarily and at the sole discretion and risk of the Contributor.

Contributors are solely responsible for
asking questions and investigating
Project Owners and Projects if they feel it
is necessary before making a Contribution.

Contributors are eligible to fund any active project (minimum of 5€). If Project receives less than expected and after consulting with Agon the Project is not achievable, Contributions are refunded. 


More Information

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